Probation Programs


Diversion exists as an alternative to probation where there is no history of the youth having difficulties or record of being involved in the court system.  It is based on the concept that antisocial or illegal juvenile behavior is sometimes an inappropriate response to social, familial, and interpersonal stress.

Diversion is designed to provide the juvenile and family with supportive services to assist in alleviating the immediate stress and to help resolve any underlying problems that may have triggered the problematic behavior.  At the same time, it gives the youth the opportunity to prove they can conduct themselves in an appropriate and law abiding manner; thus, avoid acquiring a criminal record.


Mediation is a process that helps parents, caregivers, and schools find a fair and workable solution to a child’s behavior or truancy problems.  It is a private, confidential way of communicating that does not focus on blame or fault.

The mediator is a person who does not take sides and is responsible in assuring everyone has an opportunity to speak, that all sides understand each other, and that both families and schools work together to resolve the troubling issues.

Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation provides a neutral third person to assist individuals experiencing conflicts regarding divorce-settlement issues and/or custody issues in a non-threatening environment outside of the Court.  The process allows for both parties to have input and to reach an agreement that is fair and reasonable to both sides.  The mediator does not take sides or place blame but rather facilitates the process while the individual parties control the outcome.  Once an agreement is determined, the mediator submits it to the Court to make it official.  If the mediation is not successful or the agreement is not adhered to, the case will be referred back to the Court and set for a hearing.


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